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Mephisto Shoes in the Wardrobe of a Modern Woman

Among all the shoes offered by fashion designers for the spring and summer season, perhaps, only sandals are distinguished by their practicality, convenience and versatility. But not everyone knows how to choose these types of Mephisto shoes and what to wear them with.

The origin of sandals

It should be said that sandals are the oldest kind of footwear. They were invented by the residents of warm countries, who were tired of dense leather shoes - new shoes with comfortable and firm sole, held on their feet with the help of thin leather straps and laces quickly became popular among all layers of population. For common people, the sole was made of leather, felt, several layers of papyrus, and for the nobility, valuable sandalwood was used, which is actually reflected today in the name. The universal nature of sandals is equally enjoyed by men and women of all ages and even small children

How to choose sandal

The best option is Mephisto shoes made of genuine leather, in which the legs feel great in the heat. Usually, natural sandals are chosen by men, since they rarely buy Mephisto shoes for one season.

What clothes should you combine sandals with?

Before choosing sandals, decide with what you will wear them. After all, despite its versatility, this kind of Mephisto shoes can be simple and very elegant, this is not the case for every wardrobe thing. If you prefer high-heeled sandals, decorated with rhinestones or other complex decor, then remember that they are best suited for going out, rather than for everyday walks. These sandals will perfectly match with a light cocktail dress of the same color.

For everyday use it is better to prefer sandals with an interesting, but not too flashy design, more neutral shades, so they come up to jeans, and a sundress.

Ordinary flat-soled sandals can also be used for sports - it's better to choose models with flat straps that tightly surround the leg, without additional decor elements. They can be combined with sports shorts, bicycles, tops and T-shirts.

Sandals for every day are very comfortable, made of soft leather, they must have a comfortable platform, slightly raised under the heel.

Universal brown sandals

Brown color of sandals is the original color of tanned or rawhide leather, from which the first sandals were made. It fits perfectly to any kind and color of summer clothes, as it perfectly matches with the tone of tanned skin.

Such sandals can have different look. They can imitate ancient patterns and refer to the so-called "Roman" sandals, which have been in fashion for the past few seasons. This type of footwear is made from a variety of straps of different widths, can have a flat sole, a small wide and stable heel.

Sandals on a platform

Sandals with a platform have become fashionable in the 70's and have returned again in a slightly improved form. These sandals allow you to wear a higher heel without excessive strain on your feet, since the height of the platform compensates for the height of the heel.

If we talk about the style of the 70's, straight, rather massive heels were in fashion, which fit well with the platform. But such shoes have a disadvantage – they have low stability. Therefore, a high platform and a heel is the choice for a situation where you have someone to support you. In a literal sense.

Combine massive sandals on the platform with a sporty style of clothing, with dresses in casual style, with jeans, including dresses, shorts, linen and cotton skirts. If you want to exactly match the style of the 70's, you can wear these Mephisto shoes with denim clothes with embroidery.

Such sandals are usually made of leather, natural leather, varnish and suede. This is a more elegant form of shoes that will require a beautiful romantic dress or a lush skirt.

By following these fashion tips you will always have a fantastic look in warm season wearing Mephisto shoes with your favorite clothes.